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Clock Accessories

Set of Numbers

Self adhesive stick on numbers, available in the following variants:

  • Black Arabic (10mm or 14mm)
  • Gold Arabic (10mm or 15mm)
  • Black Roman (10mm, 15mm or 20mm)
  • Gold Roman (10mm, 15mm or 20mm)

See instructions for application information 

Chapter rings

Chapter ring with black roman numerals, available in the following variants:

  • Silver appearance, 125mm diameter
  • Silver appearance, 155mm diameter
  • Silver appearance, 205mm diameter
  • Gold appearance, 135mm diameter
  • Gold appearance, 150mm diameter

Brass bezel

200mm diameter dome glass, 4 pin fixing

Standard dial also available to fit brass bezel, available in either brass or white appearance


Available in the following variants:

A & B - Pressed metal, brass colour

C & D - Plastic, light gold colour

Pricing & Order

*Prices subject to change without notification

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